NEAR Tasks is a gig economy platform where you can earn $NEAR by completing simple tasks, powered by NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System.
Build and own your web3 reputation within the NEAR ecosystem
Simple and clear tasks that span varying skillsets that are available on any device
Fast and easy crypto payouts upon task verification
For Taskers
Creatives and Gig Workers
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Task Providers
Quality assurance system is built-in to the Task workflow. Only pay when a task is verified as accurate.
Efficient task distribution system built on the NEAR blockchain
Create tailored tasks to meet your specific needs
For Businesses
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Types of Tasks
Data Verification: Image Labeling
Help AI with image recognition. Users labeling images demonstrate the power of data verification and how the NEAR Tasks system encourages high quality inputs.
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Data Aggregation: Writing a hot take while at Consensus
Users will share interesting topics they learned about while at Consensus 2023. At the end of the conference, we will have generated a curated list of quality content that people found valuable. Think about the avenues this can go...
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Social Activation: Tweeting a photo with specific tags
Users will tweet a photo (or photos) that contain specific elements and tag specific accounts. This will drive social engagement and lead to increased brand awareness where only tweets that follow the clear guidelines are rewarded.
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What is next?
Following Consensus, we will initiate an intense Beta testing phase collaborating with specific user groups to gather product feedback and optimize the user experience
before opening up the platform.