Leverage the Satori NFT toolkit to create NFTs, manage royalties, airdrops, and unique distribution channels, all code-free.
The Complete NFT Toolkit

Check out Facely – our newest app from Satori Labs where you mash faces with friends and generate a unique NFT!

Mint Memory
Proof of Memories
Mint a unique proof of attendance token right into your NEAR wallet in a few clicks.
Satori is building while keeping in mind that the future of brand loyalty, customer onboarding, and brand engagement will be fully powered by the blockchain.
Web3 technology is soon on its way to your marketing stack
NFTs as a marketing tool
Leave the code to us
From creation to distribution, it has never been easier to connect with your community through NFTs. Onboard web3 users, customers, and evangelists for a near-zero acquisition cost.
No-code, self-service NFT Studio For Creators
The World's
Most Powerful
NFT Minting API
Satori's powerful and simple minting API can generate hundreds of NFTs per minute, with no blockchain coding skills required. Build your brand’s dream web3 ecosystem with our minting engine.
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